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About Us

Honor Cigars represents the love, respect, and recognition of those who create the cigars from its raw materials. Honoring traditions of the world’s finest cigars; We are humbled to partner with some of the best and brightest at what they do for the cigar industry. Our portfolio consists of highly graded tobacco from Nicaragua, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. The cigar blends are extensively fermented layers of premium long filler tobaccos, that creates a group of unique and abundant flavors. Balanced and rich with exquisite flavor is what a cigar should be. We are confident that we have a cigar for every palate; whether you’re the unaccustomed smoker or aficionado.

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Our Story

The Land

Our cigars celebrate the influence the land has on cigarmaking. Troy Lawrence founded Honor Cigars in

2015 with the firm belief that the time to explore Nicaragua is right now.


The tobacco that grows in this region of the world tells a story of the massive forces that shaped the land thousands of years ago. Every bale aging in the factory is infused with these forces, as well as the spirit of Nicaragua - a spirit that has shaped cigar making for decades.


Today, this 1st generation cigarmaker commemorates his reverence for Nicaraguan tobacco with The Golden Rule, a cigar that embodies the celebratory spirit of full flavors with its bright, invigorating aroma and taste that light up the palate.

The Process

The Honor Cigars cigarmaking philosophy is to maintain the personality of the Nicaraguan soil while

allowing the cigars to develop into the cigar they were meant to be.” – Cigarmaker, Troy Lawrence 

Once inside the factory, aging tobaccos is the greatest impact on cigar characteristics. In order to maintain the rich qualities of the volcanic soil, fermentation is monitored daily; proper humidity in fermentation of the tobaccos will display the right combination of sugar, nicotine, and flavors.


“A patient palate and a trust in the natural environment have ensured that every cigar is perfectly representative of where it came from. It is this dedication that will make Honor Cigars one of the more reputable brands is the cigar industry”. – Troy Lawrence

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